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Legal information and disclaimer

1. The owner of this Website: www.uacrussia.ru (“the Site”) is Public Joint-Stock Company “United Aircraft Corporation” (“the Site Owner”). The Site Owner holds all the exclusive rights to use the Site and exercises the specified rights at its own discretion, unimpededly changes and supplements information materials making up the Site, provides access to the Site or restricts it, exercises other vested rights to the Site.

2. The Site Owner provides the Site support to publish information on the Corporation’s activities necessary for its shareholders and contractors.

3. Rights to the information materials placed on the Site (“the Site Materials”) are owned by the Site Owner and other rightholders, subject to which approval the materials have been placed on the Site.

4. The Site Materials are intended for private and noncommercial use only. Users of the Site have a right to view materials being in public access on the Site. Access to materials placed on the Site is provided for free, unless otherwise expressly stated on the Site. Users of the Site are not permitted to use the Site Materials in any way, in part or in whole, to distribute, to copy, to reproduce the specified materials without prior written approval of the Site Owner and(or) any other rightholders of the specified materials, except the cases when materials are used wholly for private purposes.

5. The Site Materials are provided “as they are” without any guarantees including warranty of merchantability and may contain technical discrepancies and typographic mistakes. The Site Owner may introduce changes into the Site Materials at any time without prior notice. The Site Owner uses beat endeavours to make the Site materials maximum precise, full, reliable and actual (in case such Materials are dated as of the certain date, the Site Owner took all reasonable measures to provide their accuracy as of the specified date). At the same time the Site Owner cannot guarantee fullness and relevance of the Site Materials and shall not be liable for any consequences of the Site use. The Site Owner hasn’t any commitments for making further corrections and changes of the Site Materials and has no thereto related liability.

6. All the statements placed on the Site, except actual statements regarding past periods of time, are statements related to future results. Such words as “to consider”, “to suppose”, “to expect”, “to count on”, “to plan” and other similar terms are used to denote statements related to future results, but they don’t serve as an exceptional mean of their designation. There is a risk, that suppositions, estimations, plans and other statements will be not correct. Statements related to future results are actual only as of the date they were made. The Site Owner doesn’t undertake obligations to update or somehow change the specified statements, whether on the basis of new information, future events or otherwise. The Site Owner doesn’t make any statements, any guarantees and any estimations that results described by the statements related to future results will be obtained. The specified statements regarding future results reflect, in each case, one of many possible scenarios and shall not be considered as most possible or standard ones.

7. Filling the Site with information on the Site Owner, the Site Owner’s financial reporting, financial indicators is made to increase transparency of its activities and to inform stakeholders and partners on the Site Owner’s activity. For this purpose the Site Owner takes all reasonable measures to provide maximum accuracy and relevancy of the information placed on the Site, but the Site Owner shall not be liable for possible discrepancies of the information placed on the Site, as well as for delays in its updating. The Site Owner reserves the right to determine composition and content of materials in its own discretion, as well as to place, update and delete information of a like nature.

8. The Site Owner shall not be liable for the Site users’ or any third parties’ losses occurred in connection with the use of Site Materials.

9. The Site Owner shall not be liable for the Site users’ losses occurred due to hardware and software malfunctions, as well as for losses occurred as a result of an act of the Site users, explicitly not corresponding to the normal rules of work on the Internet.

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